Christa Grimm



My Passion is Color

My entire life has been steeped in the activity of creative expression. My parents were working artists, so various forms of art were always underway throughout our Northwest Portland home and parents’ studios. For me, painting is synonymous with breathing. I’ve always loved to see what comes out of my brushes as I visually step into a landscape.  Making art is my mission and my therapy. 

For the last ten years, I’ve been living on the Northern Oregon Coast.  My paintings now pay homage to the majesty that surrounds me. My passion is color: I am attracted to the pursuit of the perfect pallet that will convey the nuances of weather, mood, and light. I like to paint large with big brush strokes as I strive to give the viewer an experience of being present within the landscape.

My paintings and murals are exhibited throughout Oregon, including: OHSU’s Casey Eye Institute, Salem Hospital, Oregon Dental Society, The Dundee Bistro, WillaKenzi Estate Tasting Room in Carlton, street murals in Portland, and elsewhere.